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Terms of Use

  1. Acceptance of Terms of Service
    By using this site, you ("User") agree to these Terms of Service ("Terms") and mandatory arbitration of disputes with Animal Farm Online ("Provider"), in no way holding Provider liable for personal damages, monetary expenses, or any other damage or loss incurred by User. If you are not 18 years of age or older, you agree that a parent or legal guardian has read and accepts these Terms and the conditions stated above and herein.
  2. Prohibited Use
    Use of this site ("Site") is void where prohibited and the responsibility of User to determine the legality of use of this site in User's location of residence and use.
  3. Modifications to Terms of Service
    These Terms may change at any time, as seen fit or necessary by Provider; it is the responsibility of User to remain informed of changes to these Terms.
  4. Intellectual Property
    All elements on Site—including, but not limited to, code, text, concepts, designs, and artwork—("Information") are property of Provider; information submitted by User is the responsibility and liability of User. Provider has the authority to use, change, add, remove, or redistribute any and all Information on Site, including that submitted by User, as seen fit or appropriate by Provider.
  5. Use of Site Information
    User is in no way allowed to sell, trade, offer, redistribute, or use any Information on Site other than as intended by Provider in these Terms. Use of Information on Site is limited to read-only usage, where User interacts with Information on Site only.
  6. Appropriate Content
    Provider can change, cancel, remove, or take any other action deemed fit or necessary any information submitted by User that is deemed vulgar, inappropriate, explicit, defamatory, offensive, threatening, or any other form of inappropriate. Provider can but is not required to filter User content on Site, nor is Provider responsible or liable for any form of inappropriate information submitted by User.
  7. Hacking
    Hacking, uploading or otherwise using Site to distribute computer viruses, bypassing Site security, using "bots" on Site, or other fraudulent actions against Site or Provider will result in legal action against User to the fullest extent of the law. All legal costs incurred by Provider for such fraudulent actions are the responsibility of User.
  8. Account Security
    Provider is not responsible for the privacy of information beyond the intended security features of Site. Accuracy, sensitivity, security, and privacy of User's account information—including email address, personal information, and any other User-specific information—is the sole responsibility of User. User must ensure information submitted to Site appears or does not appear as intended by User.
  9. User-submitted Information
    Comments, suggestions, recommendations, or any other information submitted by User is free to be used in any way for any purpose(s) by Provider with no obligation to User for compensation, monetary or otherwise, for use of said information.
  10. User Conduct
    Users are to conduct themselves appropriately while using Site; offensive conduct can result in termination of User's account and being permanently banned from Site. Offensive Conduct includes, but is not limited to: vulgarity, profanity, violence, threatening comments, infringing on copyright or legal ownership of any property, defamatory comments, revealing of personal information, misleading or fraudulent information, advertising or commercial purposes.
  11. User-to-User Disputes
    Reconciliation of User's disputes with other Users are the sole responsibility of the Users involved. Provider is in no way responsible or liable to resolve such issues.
  12. Indemnification
    You agree to indemnify and release Provider from any and all liability, claims, and expenses, including attorneys' fees and costs incurred by both Provider and User, incurred from use of Site and / or your breach or alleged breach of any term, condition, responsibility, obligation, representation, or warranty in these Terms. Additionally, User agrees that the conditions in both this paragraph and these Terms will survive cancellation of User's account or Site.


Provider does not sell, distribute, or in any way provide User's personal information to be seen by others. User's email address is used only for purposes of (1) creating a unique user account, and (2) password recovery in the event this is needed. Unintentional displays of User's personal information due to User information submission are the responsibility and liability of User. Aside from user-account and password fields (those used for signing up, logging in, and changing passwords) that are never shared with other Users, visibility of information posted in input fields—such as user name that will be seen by other users—on Site is controlled by User's settings. It is the responsibility of User to ensure privacy of User's own information beyond the intended security features of Site.