Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is this site to use?

Playing a game on our site is simple! Just go to the Games List page, and click the link for the game you want to play. You can then customize your game if you choose (like selecting the number of board tiles or game cards in the game), or just play with the default settings. When you click the "Start Your Game" button, you will be shown a preview of the game board. If you like the board, add players by clicking the "Use This Board" button, and start your game.

Creating your own game on our site is a little more complex - but considering the fact you're creating an entire educational board game, it's still relatively simple... (more to come)

How can I create my own board games with this site?

need proof of being a teacher, send us content for approval (more to come)

Why do players have to press the "End My Turn" button after every turn - why doesn't the game automatically go to the next player?

While it is an extra step and may slow the pace of the game down a little, countless combined hours of research and playtesting (literally thousands) have shown us it's a better gaming experience overall when players can actively participate in every step of their turns. So even when a player loses a turn because of a rule on a game card or board tile, or if all a player does on a given turn is move ahead to an empty board space with no action, actively concluding an event-free turn allows players to know their turn has not been skipped, and to remain a participant of the game.